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      Photoshoot - Hackney Wick

      Photoshoot - Hackney Wick
      If there's one place that inspires us for our Urban collection, it's probably Hackney Wick. This area of London has been the home of alternative artists for many years and the walls are reflected in this influence.

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      The history of the harem pants in brief, by Forgotten Tribes

      Histoire du sarouel - Vêtement ethnique chic - Forgotten Tribes

      How well do you know the history of Sarouel?

      The modern harem pants, called “harem trouser” in Anglo-Saxon countries, are associated with a relaxed and relaxed lifestyle. It offers comfort, a sense of freedom of movement, and unhindered style.

      It’s so ingrained in Western culture that it’s easy to forget that harem pants have been around for hundreds of years, and can be found in different countries around the world. The name itself gives clues as to its origins. But have you ever wondered where its evocative name got its source?

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